Airport woman was caught cheating the stranger to be vigilant

in China’s economic development is getting better and better now, with their own hands to be able to feed themselves and their families, but some people like to get something done, do something to steal fraud, very angry and despised. Recently, the two Anhui women’s airport was caught cheating, it is cheerful!

in the city there is often a stranger in the street approached passers-by, lied about his lost wallet, hoping to passers-by for help, but most of them are liars. Recently, the case occurred in Guangzhou, a woman caught cheating on the airport, is a replica of the above scam.

12 37, looking for the "prey" with a black backpack back Zhang fashion young man to catch the words in the domestic check-in, about the "situation" with poor form of sympathy, hoping to give some money to buy food to eat, inexperienced young men without thinking, generous pay. Zhang Deji, the young man left, elsewhere to find the target "".

13 01, Wu stopped behind the international value of G island in a pink suitcase middle-aged male, smile from time to time, close to the body for help middle-aged male Fadia, finally moving out cash gift of sympathy.



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