Jixi city farmers to busy winter through the winter

most of the time, in winter, the farmers will become very busy, but in the winter of this year, Jixi city farmers will be busy winter for the whole winter, Jixi city leaders with strong sense of responsibility and mission, villages, the village to go home, a line of research how to planting structure adjustment, actively send for the transmission of information, policy, farmers’ ideas, solve problems, draw a picture of the "busy winter" be in swing.

to guide the region’s farmers to venture into the market, from the kind of good to sell good change, really let the region’s 30 thousand farmers pockets bulging.

1 month 14 days to 19 days, the research group Didao District Secretary led the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, deputy governor, director of Ministers of the organization and agricultural district office and the District Commission is mainly responsible for the composition of the deep two Township 19 administrative villages, the village households in the farmyard, the warm Kang and farmer friends, face to face research on small talk ".

in a period of 6 days, the research team leader Li Chun told farmers friends for the 16 class. In every village, all want to tell you on more than one hour, from the analysis of the current grim situation of international and domestic agricultural planting, is necessary to carry on the adjustment of planting structure and urgency, and aimed at the market how to carry out the adjustment of planting structure are analyzed in detail and explanation.


research group in every village, to listen to, introduce their large farming culture and experience of the village planting structure adjustment to what is good". Then analyze the feasibility of the research group. For farmers to put forward opinions and suggestions can be resolved on the spot on the spot, can not be solved on the spot to go back for further study and then reply.

research group of relevant staff visited a village, through a lot of access to information, I hope you can give people more entrepreneurial opportunities. In the research process, the villagers changed the past "cat winter" habit, playing mahjong less, more is what can sell 31 land this year 51 group of the Lao good point. This is not to hear the district leaders to help the village planning planting structure adjustment, the various types of village breeding large, Party members and cadres are scrambling to go to the venue.

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