Do you really know the sales skills of the women’s store

now the women’s market is very hot, you are not more than once thought to open the women’s franchise? But in the face of fierce competition in the market, in order to enlarge and strengthen the women’s clothing business is not so simple, master the sales method of women’s stores is very important, may wish to come together to understand it.

1. press law: in the case of poor sales or without the use of passenger traffic. Use only the success rate of passenger traffic. Use when customers hesitate or look for excuses. Step by step to follow, no mistakes. Note that the language should not be too   tough, to avoid customer resentment and trouble.

2. passion Law: is a common method for most customer groups, especially the old customers.

3. cold Law: for a very independent or not to speak of the customer can be used, cold is the language of the benefits, rather than the expression and cold tone. To strengthen the use of physical services.

4. multi Promotion Law: to ensure that the first successful sales after repeated marketing. Marketing must have the principle: right inside out, from top to bottom, from thin to thick, from single to group, into a series of sales. And the reaction to agile, clear thinking. As long as customers do not leave the store, we can not stop the sale.

for the women’s franchise owners, we all want to make more money, so we are very concerned about the sales is a. We in the daily operation of women’s stores, if you want to be able to operate more good, then a lot of aspects need our attention, especially sales skills this piece.



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