From young nurses to hundreds of millions of female entrepreneurs alternative entrepreneurial story

in the eyes of the people, the nurse is a stable occupation, as long as can insist can obtain high welfare and stable life, but the nurse did not take the unusual way, resolutely embarked on an extraordinary entrepreneurial road.

from Union Hospital of the angels to the other side of the ocean overseas students, from a full-time wife to billions of dollars of assets "according to Lino" the boss from a shop, only a few sofa to large-scale car park, from the nurse to the chairman, Shi Xiaoyan only seven years to complete the leap of life, eventually creating his Noah’s ark.

1984, Shi Xiaoyan did not consult with anyone from the Union Hospital, leave of absence, apply to a foreign company as a receptionist. In such a position as foreign companies, it is puzzling that she did not learn to type and computer, but still got the boss’s appreciation. Shi Xiaoyan admitted: "today I will not use a computer, I am willing to deal with people, I do what I do. I can’t do it, do it."

1989, Shi Xiaoyan’s husband Ye Mingqin to work in Singapore, she is not willing to do a full-time wife, the first is the start of the tour, then began to own, buy a house, sell a house in singapore. She said: at that time did not discuss with the president, for the first time to buy a house to buy a red light district, the second sold the house, I earned 8 yuan, I found the north, I think I am suitable for trade."

find "feeling" Shi Xiaoyan understood in developed countries the concept of family, read carefully designed a grade, home, she can’t wait to start my own business in a high starting point. So, she paid $70 thousand a year tuition to study in Chicago, Wellington interior design. Shi Xiaoyan has valued the domestic furniture industry.

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