Chen Hongying Entrepreneurship opened curtain shop business booming

curtain is life things everywhere, a great demand for it, so it has great market prospects, want to engage in the curtain business, you can see how this woman is successful, should be helpful for everyone, her name is Chen Hongying, after the resignation opened a curtain shop, business is very good.

2001 year old daughter’s birth, so that life becomes more distress. No one at home to help with the child, Chen Hongying thought, it is better to do their own curtains at home to sell, so the time is relatively free, perhaps will earn more. In 2002, she began to dare to do the road of entrepreneurship.

"is not only to make the customer satisfied, and customers have to make friends." Such an idea helped Chen Hongying a lot. Some new customers are not sure of her craft, she will take the customer to the former customer’s home to see. Gradually, because of her novel design, the technology is reliable, custom curtains in the home that small room is not enough.

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