Du Tao opened a vegetarian restaurant why will fail

from the current development situation of the whole market, if the business opened a vegetarian restaurant is undoubtedly a good choice is very good. However, there are people who run such a business that looks very much like a market, but it ends in failure. So, Du Tao opened a vegetarian restaurant why fail?

Du Tao resigned from the company after want to open a restaurant, the beginning has been unable to find a suitable place, then with the help of friends, in the vicinity of a residential district rented a facade. But his vegetarian restaurant has opened more than half a year, the guests to eat still scanty. What is the problem?

originally, vegetable dish museum itself is a fashionable restaurant, its target customers should be the quality and income are relatively high, compared to healthy people. But his vegetarian restaurant where the residential area residents quality of cultural and economic income is low, usually don’t pay attention to a healthy diet, but we do not understand how to vegetarian and. In this case, vegetable dish shop business is certainly not good.

Du Tao even the basic situation of the region where the residents of the shop are not clear, hastily set up shop, this approach is obviously wrong.

so, although vegetable dish such products in the current market is a good market space, however, want to successfully operate such business, also need to have a correct location. Although the above Xiaobian introduce the content is not much, but do you know why Du Tao opened a vegetarian restaurant failed?

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