Analysis of the six most profitable industries in 2012

2012, what makes the most money? This is a topic of concern to entrepreneurs. As we all know, no matter what year, some industries are evergreen in the market, although the market competition is fierce, still good momentum of development. Here Xiaobian integration of the six major money making industry, come with me to see it.

As of 2012 ten

high liquor profits

money effortlessly



health care products industry rise peacefully

years what good money? Because of the fierce competition in the industry, health care products in the first two years of profits, the situation has changed a lot, especially the purchase of A new force suddenly rises. melatonin, although the United States out of formula, but its price of less than 200 compared to the $more than and 10 per unit costs (including the cost of packaging costs, ingredient costs, advertising), the proportion is much lower.

the personal profit of cleaning chemicals, the most horrible. Take toothpaste as an example

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