Entrepreneurial mentor Tan Kang there is no bad business

has a study abroad experience, and many entrepreneurs successful returnees entrepreneurs Tan Kangzheng help more entrepreneurs to start the road. He stressed the need to carry out entrepreneurship with interest, there is no bad business.

1991 after graduating from Fudan University, Tan went to Canada to study, and get a doctorate in probability theory. In 1998, Tan Kang founded the company in Vancouver, Canada, career development is also very smooth. 2000, Tan Kang gave up in the life time of Canada, returned home to Taiyuan for business, which also set off a revolution in English education in Shanxi.

Speaking of the cause of

home business, Tan Kang said, "there is a return to Taiyuan, to see the child’s grinding away at a friend’s house, no interest seems to be learning; students in Canada I came in contact with the harvest in the learning process is happy. Such a strong contrast, so that I have been concerned about the initiation of the education of entrepreneurship, the idea of establishing educational institutions."

"education is a long-term thing, must be able to endure loneliness." Tan Kang laments, at the moment, a lot of returnees to give up in the traditional industries of entrepreneurship, select the potential and the rise of a larger space to develop new industries. But I firmly believe that there is no bad industry, only those who do not work hard."

At the end of

2004, Tan began to innovate educational ideas, seeking new media as the carrier of English education. He led the team in Taiyuan high tech Zone students Pioneering Park, the founder of high-tech enterprises aisipu Technology Development Co. ltd.. After research and development, the Tan Kang team launched the "Yi ear doctor" interactive universal language learning system and "animation English digital technology" software, the real realization of "as long as the Internet, you can go home to the foreign teacher".

2012 years, Tan team to climb the peak, after 10 years of independent research and development of the international cloud era language learning leading program GME (Golden&n recommended)

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