26 year old Taobao shopkeeper boarded the double the 11 annual salary of women’s shoes sold in the e

electricity supplier development over the years, the achievements of countless small entrepreneurial myth. 26 year old girl graduated from high school electricity supplier by the rapid development of the east wind, starting from the wages of $300, step by step forward, and ultimately achieve the feat of the annual salary of 200 thousand.

11 on the morning of 11 August, the end of Tmall’s double global Carnival of the end of the 11 broadcast, Tmall Promo shows a few shop story. "Cinderella’s slipper" tells the story of the Sichuan Ziyang city shop co-founder Qin Hongmei Yu diffuse passion story, the 26 year old girl from Hubei, Enshi and Ziyang, together with the open shop selling shoes fiance’s brother, 6 years up to now the annual salary of 200 thousand yuan from the monthly income of 300 yuan.

"today turnover will exceed 5 million, more than the best performance in history." 11, 2009, at the end of the afternoon, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter saw the fight for a pair of two a night of Qin Hongmei, she has been full of blood resurrection, the mood is better than the best of the 11 times.

"can not wait, this is a good opportunity for development." Luo Mingfu phone this sentence, Qin Hongmei has been impressed. At that time, 20 year old Qin Hongmei has never been online shopping, and never heard of Taobao. July 2009, Qin Hongmei bid farewell to a year of work in Fujian, with entrepreneurial dreams and longing for love, came to the boyfriend’s hometown of Ziyang.

and boyfriend’s brother Luo Mingfu to open shop selling shoes, Qin Hongmei is the online customer service, customer service, and financial and shipping clerk. The shop is only the beginning of reselling game equipment and cards in the Internet, but as the Internet becomes more and more mature, the game began to be virtual economic regulation, business situation is not optimistic, Qin Hongmei and Luo Mingfu had to give up.

2009 in September 1st, Qin Hongmei and officially registered in Ziyang City Trading Co., Ltd., and registered the "passion diffuse Yu" brand. They began to try to operate in kind, Chengdu women’s shoes have a certain advantage in the country, it is a fancy to this point so choose the shoes industry."

6 years wages over 50 times the annual salary of 200 thousand 26 year old girl

"every day on the Internet to keep order, but also did not like the other girls go out shopping." Qin Hongmei said that in 2009, she was able to get a salary of 1500 yuan in Fujian, $300 is still not enough for her.

2009 to 2012, after more than three years of development, Qin Hongmei’s team from the recommendation of the 2

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