Do you have a high return on cinema

in the current consumer market that is slightly larger, as long as the famous movie ticket, frequently is several million in revenue, in addition to the film side money, in many people’s opinion, the cinema nature is money. So, is the cinema high? Let Xiaobian for you to make a simple analysis.

it is understood that the Beijing city currently has a variety of sizes up to more than and 50 to get rid of the cinema, for example, money income in more than 4 million theaters only 6~7 at home, income of 2 million to 4 million theaters in more than and 10, the remaining income was more than 2 million. According to industry sources, most of the year’s box office revenue hovering in hundreds of thousands, not profitable or profitable micro.

has more than 1000 seats in the Youth Palace and the geological auditorium, but the box office is well below the capital of just more than and 700 seats. The capital cinema last year money income is 8 million, gross margin of about 3000000, net profit of about 300000, since 1995, Beijing city has maintained the top box office.

operation: invest at least 10 million people in the end how much money to open a movie theater?

, general manager of the theater Guan Zhibin calculations to reporters: invest in a cinema is about 3, the largest mine is to buy a house, independent financing "abstract" the construction of a theater, such funds have at least tens of millions. Another is to store a piece in the market, renovated into a theater, where the sound, projection equipment, seats and other inputs are also more than a few million. There is a transformation of the original building into the theater, the estimated funds are also close to ten million. Of course, due to the cost of each theater seats and equipment is different, the scale and level of the cinema is different, the number will be different.

Beijing Changhong cinema a person told reporters that the operation of a Changhong like to use an area of 300 square meters of small theater, the monthly utility costs, personnel costs, costs about fifteen to sixty thousand publicity.

experience: good market space

is to pay the price to open the theater? What problems will be encountered in opening a theater? Experience of the capital theater general manager Guan Zhibin told reporters on years of operating theater: Officer Zhi Bin told reporters, now the Beijing cinemas are state-owned, both institution and enterprise double nature, run up quite a lot of restrictions.

now let the non-public units and individuals to engage in a cinema, is to relax the management of films, and the theater will not be personal investment management mechanism and institutions of traditional restrictions, as long as to allow them to engage in, will have the good market space.

industry insiders believe that the personal investment in the theater is not into the sources and prices are.

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