Analysis of the domestic food and beverage market franchise will become the biggest winner

China’s food and beverage industry is relatively developed, although the last two years by the impact of the overall economic downturn, sales declined. But on the whole still maintain profitability. Food and beverage industry is basically three points in the world trend, a piece of traditional food and beverage industry, a hot pot industry, there is a fast food industry. The fast food industry accounted for about 1 / 3 of the total food market market share, about 6000-7000 million turnover, the Chinese fast food market share of about 80%, while the western fast food occupy nearly 20% of the share.

so to be engaged in the catering business business, combined with the current view of the slow development of the market situation, whether it is Western-style food, Chinese food, or food, fast food, can choose franchise business mode.

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