Current situation of trade between Xiamen and Africa

enterprises in their own development process, has not only confined to the domestic market, more time will choose to go abroad, to the world. Africa as a hot spot for investment, attracting a large number of Xiamen enterprises to go. Up to now, there are more than 2 thousand and 300 companies in Xiamen and Africa trade, Xiamen cumulative investment projects in Africa for the 28, with a total investment of $440 million. So, what is the status quo of the trade between Xiamen and Africa?

Africa is known as the world’s last piece of land for investment, which is also an important area of our country "The Belt and Road" strategy. In conservative companies wait and see, a group of people who dare to eat crab has taken root in africa. However, they do not meet the status quo, returning home to introduce investment experience while looking for partners in Africa to do bigger and stronger.

held last week in the fourth session of the "walk into Africa" Roundtable, successfully entered the Xiamen enterprises in Africa introduced their experience, and that is to build a platform, "welcome home" to "walk into africa".


2300 home prices into the African countries to throw olive branches

the meeting by the Xiamen City Council and Chinese Council jointly organized the training center, the meeting invited the Ethiopia Consul General in Guangzhou Melaku · Laigesi, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Kenya, Garner, Uganda, Sultan, Malawi, south Somalia a total of nine African countries, representatives of industry and commerce, South Africa, Zambia and other countries overseas Chinese participants.

by this opportunity, African countries have thrown olive branch. Ethiopia Consul General in Guangzhou Legs said, Melaku · Ethiopia at this stage is to encourage the development of manufacturing industry, the agricultural products (000061, shares), textiles and leather are the priority development industry. The country will also provide investors with a lot of preferential policies, such as tariff free imports of machinery and equipment, etc., but also hope that in the construction of industrial parks and local government and business cooperation in Fujian.

According to

· Legs, Melaku; number of Ethiopia is rooted in Fujian enterprises are not many, building materials, construction enterprises. But in recent years, he has clearly felt that Fujian, especially the Xiamen business consulting and research activities in the increase. The meeting also awarded the Xiamen Shindy Group Co., Ltd. and Dacheng Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., 2015 Xiamen enterprises into Africa’s most brand value award".

in recent years, the economic and trade cooperation between Xiamen and Africa continue to deepen. Data show that the city has more than 2 thousand and 300 enterprises and trade in africa. Up to now, a total of 28 African investment projects in Xiamen recommend

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