How to deal with competitors

now any of the industry has a number of operators, the degree of competition, even if we do not have a personal experience, should also be able to feel is extremely fierce. If you want to get the cause of the competition in the development of the industry, it is also necessary to deal with the relationship with competitors. So, how to deal with competitors?

today’s market is very fierce, only a good store operating environment is still far from enough. In order to attract customers to other stores own store, some operators pioneered the use of competitive strategy of price promotion, but also to other operators by the forced response, so it is a so-called "price war" such as "other promotional gifts" Fanxuan marketing "mode came into being.

in the face of fierce market competition, operators can not escape, not legalistic, should actively face the competition, make full use of all kinds of information and channels, formulate scientific strategy, to an invincible position in the fierce competition.

1. competitor

It is of great significance to determine the location, scale and customer orientation of

. Under normal circumstances, must identify themselves in certain scope and period of three to five major competitors, and focus on analysis and attention, the basic situation and development of the operator to grasp the competitors, and establish detailed competitor profiles.

2. customer positioning

correct customer positioning is the key to success. Prior to the development of competitive strategy, it is necessary to clarify the target customers, in order to achieve the goal in the competition, direct access to the target.

3. forms its own characteristics

in a careful analysis of the main competitors, they have their own characteristics, the operator according to the actual situation with their competitors, choose their own development strategies, earnestly implement the. The advantages of their own competition to customers, so that customers, and even competitors are able to accept and recognize the advantages, it has been a real competitive advantage. Competitive advantage will attract specific customers to enter their own shops, and become the regular customers.

commonly used competitive store survey method

1, from word of mouth or personal visits to understand the competitive strength of shop. Such as stores circle distance, operators of the concept, capital, shop, shop, Business Hours year holiday, the number of employees, service mode, business scale, product structure and store price zone, again from the customer’s age, dress, and purchase goods stores to determine customer class.

2, act as a customer >

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