Tangshan shadow art staged a national treasure in Latin America

shadow play is a traditional Chinese art, in today’s social development, we need to integrate and carry forward the traditional art. Tangshan shadow art in Latin America performances, outstanding performance by the Latin American people alike.

Tangshan shadow play troupe recently went to Chile and Columbia in China sponsored by Ministry of culture cultural exchange in Latin America ", with Chinese characteristics of Tangshan shadow art appeared in Latin America, spoke highly of the local audience.

also called Tangshan shadow luanzhou shadow, shadow of Leting, is one of the largest species influence China in shadow, because of the film, props is made of cattle, donkey skin, so it is also called "donkey skin shadow".

to do the trip to work, the Tangshan shadow play troupe carefully lined up "five complex summit", choose "forest concert", "crane and the Tortoise", "Sun Wukong" three strikes and 4 excellent traditional operas, and created new rich geographical characteristics of the Latin American "football dream".

according to reports, the Tangshan shadow art exchange group conducted 6 tours in the Chilean capital and the southern city of Columbia, in the 3 Latin American exchange performance, let audience fully appreciate the Tangshan shadow art charm, and promote the Chinese ancient traditional culture, set up in la culture and art exchange bridge.

it is reported that the show to enhance the fun and appeal also joined the local audience interaction. Theater performance unprecedented everywhere, the audience warmly, local media have given a large coverage.

folk art out of the country, to the world, not only to show the world a lot of splendid culture, but also conducive to our heritage and development of traditional culture. The art of shadow play in Tangshan is well received in Latin America, and it has a positive meaning for the development of the art of shadow play.

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