Zhengzhou real estate registration service upgrade

a few days ago we have reported, Zhengzhou real estate registration is very slow, close to three months before handling a few things, this report immediately after the incident caused a response to the reaction of the state of. Real estate registration work carried out in the past 1 months, much social criticism. Zhengzhou City Land Resources Bureau held an emergency meeting overnight, adjust and optimize the existing real estate registration process, and constantly increase manpower, material resources, the work of the various problems in a timely manner to study and solve the problem. So, the latest real estate registration service upgrade measures are like?

1. will file transfer situation, the registration of the situation to carry out online publicity, to avoid repeated trips to the applicant.

2. from the technical level to further reduce the weight of the investigation time, the use of the second national land survey data at the same time, the system should be fully optimized and adjusted, as soon as possible with the registration requirements.

Detailed analysis of

3. control housing can not handle the reason real estate registration, and strive to be arranged on a solution, without violating the existing laws and regulations, to solve a number of problems of housing registration barriers.

4. each center has a bureau of the leadership of the sub point of stagnation, the special supervision of real estate registration, timely solution to the problem.


nearly January only 11 card

reporter from Zhengzhou City Real Estate Registration Center learned from August 25th, real estate registration system in the full implementation of Zhengzhou to September 21st, Zhengzhou real estate registration institutions at all levels were awarded real estate warrants (proof) 89, awarded the distinction from the center of the real estate license, only 11 copies. The transfer to the real estate agency file material has 5174. Zhengzhou city has accepted the right to investigate 3329 cases, with Jinshui District, for example, the right to investigate the area has been completed outside the industry mapping of the 860, but the completion of the storage of only 127 cases. In addition, the previous workflow data format is not uniform and other defects, but also on the processing time has an impact.


adjust and optimize the real estate registration process

according to the reporter, 21, led by the relevant departments of the Ministry of land and the steering group on the Zhengzhou real estate unified registration system to promote the situation of research and supervision. Steering group has been related to the relevant leaders, including the relevant leaders of Zhengzhou City Housing Authority, the city land bureau and other units were discussed, and went to Zhengzhou several real estate registration center for field research and supervision.

Zhengzhou real estate registration in the work of a number of key issues encountered, mainly in the material flow speed recommended

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