Xi’an people to buy strange eggs on the surface of multi fold walnut like

Xi’an people in the supermarket to buy strange eggs, uneven surface, like walnut. Members of the public worried about artificial eggs do not eat. But after the break of its content and general egg identical.

1 on the morning of 1 December, Xi’an citizens Ms. Zhang accidentally broke an egg, supposedly a egg thing is not necessary to be the Big deal, Ms. Zhang did not generally egg.

"City Express" reporter learned that, since Ms. Zhang yesterday from the supermarket to buy this strange egg, left look right look is afraid to eat, to break this morning.

in fact, see eggs more than walnut Ms. Zhang a person, in September this year, Fujian Province, Fuqing City, presented a few eggs with walnut, Ms. Zhang as like as two peas. In September last year, people in Xiamen found a long eggplant like eggs. In 2013, there are more eggs inside the Swan pattern.

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