How to deal with the off-season jewelry store

Since the

shop business, can not be 365 days a year is the peak season, every day the business is very hot, all customers the same jewelry shop open berserk. Do jewelry, can not be the peak season every day. To make jewelry, but also can not always be prosperous. Slack season, every year as scheduled. This period of time is the most stable staff, shop problems exposed the most time, but also the most test manager ability and staff level.

"off-season" light field is not equal to no market, in fact, the more off-season light field, we have to be busy. If the jewelry store in the most difficult off-season business is not bad, I would like to ask: the arrival of the season when you will be poor? So, we should take this as a bad thing to do during the off-season, the off-season test will know in the end there are a few pounds, passed the exam in the off-season, the season of the college entrance examination will be fruitful. Therefore, the off-season is not a crisis, we do not complain about the off-season, in fact, the off-season is the best time to increase our intelligence and ability. Jewelry store to prove that they do not just rely on the opportunity to do performance, the operator should be a chance to show their skills.

of course, the operators of the jewelry shop every day just shouting slogans is useless, or that the role can not be sustained. As long as the realization of the off-season can also improve sales performance, the use of appropriate marketing strategies, you can tap business opportunities. But first of all, our shop staff, especially the manager to change their own wrong ideas for the off-season.

a, with a variety of promotional methods

in addition to the usual discount sales, can also use the method of sales publicity and create new styles, which makes your jewelry store to produce novel effect; at the same time develop team spirit, advocate the promotion plan to start all ideas, all staff thinking, looking for promotion.

two, eliminate off-season concept, establish no off-season thought

open jewelry store, in fact, there is no real off-season market, we only have the idea of off-season. Business is on the human mind, not the season. Only eliminate the concept of off-season, in order to give their spiritual support, the business has to do it up.

three, retain old customers to attract new customers

focus on customer communication, the old customers to do pre-sales and after-sales service, good follow-up services. So the old customers will come to visit your jewelry store in the off-season, bring profit to your store. At the same time to find ways to attract new customers, to develop their own sales path.

four, incentive clerk

due to the "off-season", sales decline, resulting in a lot of people selling enthusiasm cooling, >

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