The name is more publicity to attract customers

The traditional name not what

acceptable error, but also there is no way to draw customers’ attention, so that the business of the shop is more popular. So, if you want to make a shop business, we need to start from an attractive name. You know, the name of publicity to attract customers tend to be more oh.

clothing worn broken "," ugly cry "," +-× ÷ seven "and" eight common soil "and so on, walking commercial street in downtown, at any time will be attracted to such a strange special name. Yesterday, the way to observe all the names, found that the commonly used "beautiful girl", "beautiful girl" such "Fang", sometimes only vaguely appeared in billboard peeling, in the city people’s road, there are many offbeat names.

is called a "ugly cry" clothes shop, in the shop wall 3 words are very clever decoration. The owner explained, even if the ugly girl to cry, if you come here, beautiful dress can make them regain confidence."

another clothing store called "worn old broken". Owner Ms. Kim explained that the name means "old clothes will be broken". "The old and worn-out clothes’ and ‘wear on the broken’ homophonic, ‘ugly cry’ will not let beautiful girls do not dare to enter?"

two shopkeepers in response to such questions, with one voice, said, will not, but this is more attractive to the young people now!


616 IjustwantyoutoknowthatIloveyou" — the name of more people could not guess. In the decoration style is very warm in the shop, the shopkeeper Weiweidaolai: the original, this is a clothing store owner and her sister. "616" is the number of her sister’s birthday, and the back of the English sentence is the sister said to a boyfriend. Think of a name can contain a love story.

in the urban area of Wenzhou River hat a shop named +-× ÷ "clothing shop, the owner Ms. Chua suggested we look at the shoe in the window. Not by themselves: the original four shoe shape is "+-× ÷". Ms. Cai said, this shop is mainly for student groups, students will have a sense of familiarity with these symbols.

has a "love knot cut about" salon in Wenzhou City College Road, the boss Mr. Wu is a hobby to collect hair salon hairdresser name, his notebook record more than and 10. Mr. Wu said, love cut on behalf of the hair cut with emotion, knot on behalf of the bond, about the appointment here on behalf of. He added that some of the guests, especially the girls, came by the name.

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