How to teach you how to do a good job at home holiday marketing

annual holidays are the sales season for many industries, so the industry will make the holiday period chouzhunshiji promotion, so Home Furnishing industry. Today, the home industry is facing a transition, do a good job holiday promotion is also an urgent thing, the following business exchange of small series on how to do a good job on holiday home products promotion.

two tricks: />

"buy sanitary ware products over 3000 yuan to buy 8 yuan a stainless steel electric kettle." Dongpeng ware of the National Day special action launched a series of large appliances to buy household appliances. But Eastroc ware is not the only launch the redemption activity of furniture, building materials stores, Jiangmen Jinhaima furniture and other businesses to launch redemption activities, let the people dazzling. As one yuan purchase furniture Kinhom furniture products, people over 1000 yuan in the same counter single consumer fashion, computer chair plus one yuan to buy the value of 249 yuan.

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