How much does it cost for college students to open a dry cleaning shop

college students in the current business has been very popular, however, because it is college students, lack of experience, lack of funds, therefore, if you want to succeed in business, nature also need to choose business opportunities. In a word, many college students choose their own road after graduation. So, for just out of the ordinary college students, to join the dry cleaning chain industry is still a good choice, then, college students need to open a dry cleaners?

generally need to open a dry cleaning equipment, including dry cleaning machine, washing machine, dryer, ironing table, etc., these inputs are about six to about seventy thousand, these hardware equipment is essential. In fact, for college students, the need to open a dry cleaners how much investment can be considered in the first time do not think how much money can be earned, but how much money can be prepared to lose. Dry cleaning season and season, so there is a big difference in the flow of funds, the need for early preparation. Before the need to calculate the shop rent, business cost, human capital, daily supplies and utilities and so on recurring costs, which are also a part of how much investment to open a dry cleaners.

for college students, career has just started, and there is not much for the cost of their own, so we must try to avoid some of the big risks. In the investment process, dry cleaners, security, step by step. Although the initial investment may be relatively high, but after a good management and modern technical services, or can quickly recover the cost of profit.

college students entrepreneurship has become a trend, however, due to the particularity of identity, therefore, the choice of business opportunities need to be treated with great caution. The dry cleaning industry in the domestic starting time is not too early, relatively speaking, the legal system is not perfect, the market is not standardized. But because of the broad prospects and market demand, but also the first pot of gold. Prior planning must be appropriate, investment should be considered from two aspects of fixed investment and mobile investment, but also to clarify the upfront investment and long-term costs. Here I wish all of you can achieve the success of College students.

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