The success of investing in dry cleaners

people like to listen to the entrepreneurial story, because from a number of entrepreneurial stories, people can learn a lot of practical experience, whether it is successful or failed experience, to others, have a certain reference experience. The dry cleaning industry to create wealth but also a lot of experience, Xiaobian today to share a story.

2004, Yu Yu joined the dry cleaning industry. After two years of business, always thinking of expanding the business of Yu Yu is planning to open stores or chain stores. The results of a   calculation, the opening of the store so that Yu Yuhe’s husband was shocked. There is no one can expand the scale, enhance visibility and influence, but also square   customers, do not need to invest too much money shortcuts? Yu Yuhe husband hard thinking, and finally came up with a dry cleaners to the customer’s home   mouth good idea. This summer, Yu Yu went back to a big shop, started a new business model:   installation in the customer’s door; but the boxes to complete the connection, the process, which greatly facilitates the customer, by the city busy family welcome.

Yu Yu business two years


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