Shaanxi will build a public space incubator base

To create a good business environment,

is a very important thing for people to the entire business activities, in today’s society are actively creating a series of network environment, in Shaanxi to build public record space incubator.

in the Baoji high tech Development Zone business incubator, Fengxiang guy Li Sanqiang is with his entrepreneurial team developed a test of a new UAV control system.

The general manager of

The general manager of

Deputy director of Baoji high tech Zone

in the Xi’an high tech Zone, a total way online, Chi Wo, geek space folk organization innovation incubator has reached more than and 10. Zhang Rui, a graduate student of Northwestern University, last year, he set up a team stationed in the creation of the way online, engaged in the development of a parking project called micro parking. Users can use mobile maps, network positioning and other functions to facilitate the car owners to find parking spaces or positioning. At present, this project has been in Xi’an Children’s Hospital, Datang city city parking lot promotion.

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