Money King unlimited most suitable for women’s entrepreneurial projects

What are the

projects for women? Women do poineering work what good? For women to start a business, there are many restrictions than men. Women entrepreneurs want to make money, to find their own projects is very important. The following Xiaobian for everyone to recommend the latest project for women entrepreneurs, the prospects are very good, to see what is best for you?

suitable for women Entrepreneurship: Puzzle shop

for nowadays a lot of people in pursuit of both personality and can bring fun leisure, can open a can make consumers for entertainment, but also can decorate the Home Furnishing gift shop, puzzle. Shopping malls in the large shopping center rent more than and 10 square meters of shops, plus decoration, personnel wages and cost of goods, the initial investment of about $50 thousand. It is worth noting that, at the time of purchase should pay attention to control the quantity, choose the varieties, each variety to purchase less quantity, to pull the consumption level, different levels to meet customer requirements.

for women business items: PET bottle recycling processing

Project Name:

Brief introduction of project:

start-up capital: 20000 yuan initial investment of

the payback period: 12 months


management recommendations: 1, with the local recycling sector to establish business contacts, commissioned its acquisition of


for women business project:

.Project Name:


management mode: sole proprietorshipOverview of

Analysis of

start-up capital: 60 thousand yuan

the payback period: 16 months

workers number: 2

Estimation of

management recommendations: environment management standard

for women: Women’s entrepreneurship salon

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