Zhongshan electricity supplier training base was established

2015 is Chinese economic development the development of the industry in the winter, slow growth, and e-commerce has continued hot, professional training base jointly organized a number of units in Guangdong of Zhongshan City, to promote youth entrepreneurship development.

by the Zhongshan Electronic Commerce Association and Guangdong allcomm electronic commerce Limited by Share Ltd to build electricity supplier training base recently listed operations, business mentor to students in class in the torch pioneering nursery.

the base of "torch entrepreneurial nursery" is a "seed + training" mode of operation, the combination of academic and Vocational College Students’ torch advantages in resources, business training, personnel training, financing business investment, employment and other aspects to carry out all-round cooperation. Guangdong allcomm seed fund will be set up 1 million for the torch entrepreneurial nursery, providing venture capital support for more entrepreneurs and students.


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