Little fortune

a lot of people are still hesitant to start a business, what to do when the venture, Sichuan sister, has been relying on her small hand, in the entrepreneurial road created a day. It’s hard to believe that a little hand can make a lot of money Let us pay attention to the Sichuan sister!

1997 in August, can not find a job after graduating from high school, and not willing to farmers at home chuanmeizi Wu Bo, tearfully left Sichuan rural Guang’an, embarked on a journey to go out to work, no one can predict his future, including her own.

1997 in August, Wu Bo shopping malls in Jiangsu, Nantong found that there is a Korean greeting card price of 20 yuan is very popular, which suddenly stimulated the.

People give

Wu Bo first rental counter sales handmade cards in a mall, customers also teach yourself, and try to make a simple Lily like peony flowers. She looked at some of the books in the bookstore to produce flowers, learned some basic methods of production, and then observed the natural form of flowers, and then use paper to show. She said flowers should be patient and careful, folding, bending, creasing, adhesion and other sectors can follow the prescribed order completion of a society, can usually be together.

was some parents take their children or some couples on Saturday or Sunday night this time to her store, they learn to do manual paper flowers, after all is fun, have a certain appeal. But they do not, Wu Bo thought a change of paper flowers can be used as a decorative wall painting, then change can also be used in the wedding, but also can be used in the stage, so that it can be extended to more places.

2000 38 women’s day, Wu Bo accidentally brought a bunch of roses to do their own home, passing through the street office, suddenly remembered that there was a need to consult, she went in. She also did not expect that this is a chance to bring her career development.

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