f you dare, dare you to do business

The first chapter of

  the popularity of wealth will be decided, in order to make money.

1. is a blessing, business people to be generous.

2. charity brings popularity, to help others is to help themselves.

3. mind how wide popularity is an.

4. de no money, cheating hard for a long time.

5. is very popular in the world, popularity to wealth.

6. first make money after making money.

7. frank, can soulmate.

1. all things in harmony, and I don’t.

2. calm, do business to have a good mentality.

3. makes a step for step and struggle caused bad luck.


4. message to others, give yourself a way.

5. tolerance is a harmonious manner, free from arrogance and impetuosity.

6. money together is the last word.

7. Friendliness is conducive to business success., scenery long vision.

8. to make money, the competition is not scattered.

Third:   less cute, more prestige.

1. to be honest, honest and some do not suffer.

2. is the best guarantor of their own.

3. integrity is the foundation of career.

4. lying for a moment, can not deceive me.

5. don’t joke about your reputation.

6. honest man, honest business.

7. integrity of the people to make the cause bigger.

8. honesty is your best ad.

9. liar will eventually be deceived.

1. have to pay in return.

2. respect their employees.

3. care, pay a little more care.

4. come back.

5. care and care for the weak.

6. most direct emotional investment.

7. has something to lose

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