How to create a bright spot shop

if all the shops are the same, the customer will not have the choice of consumption is different, such shops for customers will be more attractive? So, how to let the customer mentioned his supermarket, the customer will be bright, suddenly can tell the characteristics of the shop? In fact, many times, we just blindly from the seller’s point of view to consider, and if we can change a perspective from the buyer’s point of view, the problem may be much easier. Below I will talk about their own business practice.

clever use of toys to attract visitors to

a lot of children playing toys are at home to play, go downstairs to take toys is not convenient. So, I placed some toys in front of the supermarket. For example, children like to play pistols, balls, tops, scooters, etc.. As a result, many children have been attracted to play, gradually, regardless of the elderly or children, like to gather in front of my house. Some children are thirsty or hungry, the adults will go to my store to buy something to eat and drink.

collect Yanbiao increased popularity of

there was a time when the cigarette sales were sluggish, which made me very upset. When you see me, a good friend said to me, "you can do some activities. For example, riddles or collect Yanbiao exchange gifts." Listen to his words, my eyes bright, second days in the store posted "collect Yanbiao gift" sign. All together ten different Yanbiao, you can exchange shop in small commodities. This activity has aroused the interest of many customers. Some customers even in order to collect Yanbiao once more to buy a few different cigarette, which led to the cigarette sales store.

waste can also be a gift

in our retail life, there will be a lot of waste every day. For example, mineral water bottles, cans, paper shell, etc.. These old things, in the past, I was sold as a waste directly, and later, I think these things to sell a little pity, so they are used to make gifts to customers.

I’ve collected some articles of packing. When I was in business, I used the basket to kill time. I weave the small basket of colorful, different styles, they constitute a beautiful scenery of my supermarket. Whenever there are old customers into the store, I will give them as needed. In addition, I also made a small shell paper basket with mineral water bottles and cans into the ashtray. I did not expect that these handmade products by many customers welcome.

store business is not simply to sell goods, in today’s business environment, if you want to be able to get more customers certainly, naturally need to have a more elaborate build. In short, the shop is like the production of art works. Shop needs

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