Sales of new products to buy less and diligence

reduce the cost of purchase, which is a factor in the business of the store business is hot, so many owners have been concerned about. However, how to reduce the cost of purchase, which is a matter of concern to many shopkeepers. Here, Xiaobian introduce a skill, that is, for the sale of new products, the need for less and diligence.

has just launched the goods because there is a "new" part can attract the attention of consumers, but sales of new products have a certain risk, there is also a large profit space, therefore, in the process of operation, there are a lot of retail customers will consider the rapid introduction in the first time.

because of these products, once the market situation opens, will bring a lot of repeat customers". But if you slow "beat", such as market acceptance to sales, on the one hand the manufacturer will not give you what concessions, secondly because there is no pre sales, understand customers rarely, but also to cultivate customers, profits will bring influence.

but in terms of purchase, the introduction of new products also have some skills, good operation, considerable profits, but if it is blind reserves, it is possible to increase costs, so that the loss of profits. We will have such a feeling, some commodities generally just put on the market when the price is relatively high.

because businesses need to return as soon as possible early research and development funds, advertising investment and so on some costs, so the use of a new consumer psychology, raise prices. But when the market slowly accepted, the funds have been gradually withdrawn, the merchant will gradually decline in wholesale prices to account for market share. Finally, the stability of the price, so for some new brands, to achieve less into the ground into the principle of.

so, in terms of new products, our retail customers tend to eat this loss. Because just started new sales, businesses will deliberately create some tension, let the buyer breaking threshold, to find the relationship between the search path to the sales of such products. Due to the introduction of new products have a certain degree of difficulty, our retail customers will be a lot of pressure. It is our retail customers to reserve these goods and stained with their own at the same time, after the manufacturers gradually recover in the R & D costs, advertising costs, in order to take a greater share of the market, began selling price.

at this time, you can be complacent? Money did not earn, got a "hot potato" in the hand, you said the loss is not lost? Of course, in this case, the most direct way, and the supplier agreement is in general, sales of new products, as long as you have enough market development ability, and requirements are reasonable, the supplier will meet the corresponding requirements of you.

in the process of signing the agreement, the first is to ensure the supplier returns, for some short shelf life or seasonal goods, near the shelf life or the season.

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