Why don’t the car wash shop open at night

now many owners are complaining that they do not have time to go to work during the day to wash the car, it is not easy to have time in the evening, but many car wash shop does not open the door. In fact, the current car wash industry, car wash shop will be very little business in the evening. So why don’t the car wash shop open at night?

when it comes to car washing, few people should wash the car at night, of course, except taxis. In addition to the roadside car wash shop will not be normal in the evening, the general car wash shop will not wash the car at night, this is why?

1, cost factors

if the car wash at night, to set up a night car wash service, the cost of natural increase in workers, and workers on the night shift did not warm during the day. At the same time there is electricity, car wash shop operating costs naturally high. Plus the night car less, low profits, australia.

2, lighting factor

although there is electricity at night, but always less than the light of the day. If the car is not clean enough to wash some places, natural owners will complain, easily affect the reputation of the car wash shop.

3, seasonal factors

north of the winter, the night temperature is very low, wash the car is estimated to have not dried directly on the ice. Thus, in the evening car wash, basically useless.

, of course, is not the whole industry are not in the evening is still operating the car wash shop, in fact, if we look carefully, you can still see the night, the street shops, or sometimes a taxi to wash the car, because of the special nature of the work, many taxi owners will choose the car wash in the evening. Most owners will not choose to wash the car at night, of course, the regular car wash shop will not open at night.

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