Mushroom mushroom accident let him earn 30 thousand yuan in the first pot of gold

now, the choice of college students is more and more friends, many young people want to be able to harvest the first pot of gold. After the university graduates holding a bag of money Zhongyi mushroom, while oexamine, while pleased to say: "you see, these little guys much longer! This period of time is not busy, it is estimated that this year net income of 200 thousand yuan."

2009, in their own money Zhongyi 20 acres of land, all planting the mushroom. He told reporters that the technology content is not high, but high yield. The second half of the cultivation of Flammulina velutipes, the low temperature environment is very suitable for its growth, high profits. Now mushroom production in 300 kg / day, Flammulina maintained at 700 kg / day, we are mainly sold in the green bars and Bishan County farmers market. Ersanshiwan income per year."

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