Small entrepreneurial start the body painting shop

venture capital is needed, if the capital is not enough, we can only choose a small number of this project, so that we can make a better career development. However, what kind of project can achieve a small business, which is very difficult for many investors today. Here, Xiao Bian recommended, small business, may wish to open a body painting shop.

in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou street, you can often see some fashionable men and women, some draw a contrast in the shoulder butterfly, some draw a mouthwatering rose in the chest, and the painting behind a cute little animal. These beautiful patterns are not permanent, they can be cleaned in the day, this is the body painting.

these paintings are usually done in beauty salons and projects. With the growing popularity of personalized fashion, this investment is low, low risk, high profit, but also easy to operate the body painting technology, can be used as an independent industry in the market foothold.

opening requirements

Mr. Zhang Painted

shop in Beijing, where most of the guests are teens to late twenties, but also some four or 50 customers. Female guests will be more.

Zhang said, open a painting shop does not need a lot of start-up funds. Do painting only about 6 square venues, because production without processing, and is completed on the spot, so pay more attention to the immediacy. A large number of painting patterns and demonstration photos are essential; in addition, it is the most important to have a sense of responsibility and skills, but also know how to communicate with the guests.

investment advice

suitable for high traffic areas, it is best shopping malls mall. Because the area does not need to be large, can be used to save the expensive rent, monthly rent is best not more than 5000 yuan (even the decoration, paint, materials, labor, etc., the initial investment of less than $50000). The store with its distinctive eye-catching style, the most important thing is to show your products, the store can hang the big photos or beautiful painted patterns, more artistic, more novel, more attractive.

business practices

body painting shop generally take the form of independent operation. Advertising input is indispensable, accounting for a large part of the monthly operating expenses, generally in the newspaper area advertising, followed by printing leaflets or brochures. As a service industry, service quality is the most important, the proposal can be:

A, the establishment of image design consulting. The real body painting must be based on the human body curve, body structure and body language to express the content of the work. Form >

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