Steam cleaning machine ten brand list – the whole

cleaning all kinds of family household equipment is very important, clean the one hand to improve the performance of the equipment, on the other hand can make consumers more healthy, this will bring opportunities for the steam cleaning machine market, the whole will bring you the steam cleaning machine ten brand list, help you better choose a steam cleaning machine brand.

1934 North American electrical appliances was born in the United States, in 2000, ACA invested in Zhuhai, China to build the world’s largest production base, in 2001 to establish a world-class level of global home appliance technology research and development center". At present, ACA bread machine, electric oven, coffee machine as a starting point to guide the Chinese market, while the steam cleaner sales.


Karcher Industrial Company was established in 1935, currently, kaichi has ten large production enterprises in the world, has become for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games cleaning equipment suppliers, in 2003, Shanghai kaichi company as a wholly owned subsidiary of group in China was formally established.

Lamnidae is the first brand of American steam cleaning appliances, 2010 to enter the China, products include steam cleaning, vacuum cleaner series cyclone series, steam hanging ironing series, designed to provide "simple, fast, environmentally friendly cleaning and sterilizing solutions for family life and small business premises.

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