Video recording can be made at any time

how many people lost their lives because of a car accident, the number of families because of traffic accidents fragmented, even if the traffic management more and more stringent, but there are still many places need to be improved. Recently, the installation of Shanghai police motorcycle recorder, brought convenience to traffic management.

4 6, surging news reporter from Shanghai Yangpu police that the district has 50 vehicles equipped with "mobile Hawkeye" put into use after the Yangpu District police motorcycle, more than and 200 police motorcycles will be the installation of this equipment and put into use in the process of law enforcement forensics.

Yangpu police chief

4 at 11:15 on 6 may, in the middle of the National Road under the ramp, from the ramp from the west to the north direction of the vehicle, the road to the ground to the left across the road to turn the offense is very common four.

a license for "Shanghai F·   QXXXX" black car "has become the first mobile Hawkeye law enforcement illegal object. To look back at the "illegal live video recording mobile Hawkeye records, the driver sincerely convinced.

"the police equipment with dynamic forensics, real-time playback function, on the road on the existing electronic police is an effective supplement. Both can complete the process of illegal behavior." Jiang Junyan said.

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