Shenzhen Museum on the Sichuan Museum of two live intelligent dinosaurs can blink interaction

with the rapid development of science and technology, people can not only create intelligent dinosaurs, but also to give the dinosaur more body language. Here and look at the small series on the Museum of Sichuan Museum on the two simulation can blink of an eye to the interaction of intelligent dinosaurs!

12, the twelfth China (Shenzhen) Fair opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition center. Sichuan Pavilion, Mianzhu, Jiang Shu School New Year paintings 19 projects such as bamboo reed, intelligent dinosaurs, panda lights, etc. Sichuan Sichuan Opera Face rich cultural products, full of praise.

in the afternoon China cultural industry major investment and financing projects to promote the meeting, the delegation of Sichuan highlights Huayun · Chengdu international music industry base and International Intangible Cultural Heritage exposition and the 10 major cultural industry projects, a total investment of about 24 billion yuan.

simulation of two living intelligent dinosaurs, called the Sichuan museum’s "Star", which has a high popularity, almost every passing citizens to touch them with the texture of the skin, or a "nod", "blink" instruction, and interactive, pictures.

lived in the Cretaceous period of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the dragon, dating back about 65 million to 68 million years of history. A servo motor operating system and artificial intelligence technology, so that they live up. Don’t underestimate the two tall dinosaur, sensual skin simulation is steel structure precision, and built-in microprocessor. If you stand in front of the computer, issued a "tail" and "blink" passwords, they will instantly become a cute pet. You can also shake your right arm at the camera, directing two dinosaurs to fight and roar.

the same day, more than a dozen companies into the Sichuan Museum, asking how to customize the smart dinosaur. Shenzhen citizens Wang Chengceng accompanied his son visited a lot of dinosaur theme park, like this will blink, can interact with the dinosaur is the first time to see, and even said, too interesting".

do you have children like dinosaurs? Sichuan Museum fair oh! If you like, you can take the kids to visit this new technology, the blink of an eye will be able to interact with the simulation of live dinosaurs.

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