The stationmaster does not make money because he is lazy

stationmaster does not make money, have a lot of friends, summed up a lot of reasons. In my opinion, there is no other reason. Just because of laziness, I make a few observations.

many webmaster, do not love others, think, see or hear someone else to do the site to make money, do novels stand to make money, do the sorting station money, Xiangyebuxiang, like a swarm of bees past, do the dead, there are all kinds of dead method. The reason is lazy!


text, the text is not wrong, the problem is where to send! Often see some master write text published opinions, he said: after the soft Wen written to spiders often go to places, such as the Admin5, the laggards. See here, I immediately put the browser off, and I’m too lazy to comment, with such a fool really do not have anything to say! You say you an agricultural web site in the webmaster, soft Wen top P ah,


webmaster network users are who you don’t know? If those lazy MJJ your IDEA stole how to do? I really don’t understand: what is that a soft look at master in the statistics from ADMIN5 IP’s mood? (reminder: agricultural station should go soft agricultural forum, good place to send the soft entertainment station is

is also a more lazy, is the connection in the comments of this guy, who is not only lazy, it is outrageous! They do not look at the general post, some question the landlord Wen, then do not forget to leave your URL… People can actually come to this also is to recruit some shameless! Friendship connection life meaning connection, and they can be connected are stupid! You think: they even innocent comments are spared, in other places such as Baidu Post Bar, they will get there mad connection? This station is k sooner or later, you know like this and he is also the connection, then you are idiotic


someone is complaining about why his station is IP, and it’s less than half a knife a day. Then I want to tell him that I have 3 knives a day in 200IP. That’s the difference between being lazy and not lazy.

I do

station station; action; don’t think how much the webmaster, no ICP station closed, the Internet is still running you think you a movie novel non mainstream sites contribute to China Internet; for the sake of users; users don’t take Admin5 as soft Wen, connection factory don’t expect to make money fast;; ground thinking, problem ask search engine.

, wish you all success! Don’t curse the party in Admin5, curse the country, have the ability to curse on your website.

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