Ticketing website, network team building, risk assessment of those things

The risk assessment of the

team is one of the things that must be done when our funds are not sufficient. Some friends may say that this is not necessary. But the risk of this thing is not assessed, and at the end of the scourge is not a two person, but a team, a project, and even a company. This is a crisis, can not be ignored. We are also familiar with the sentence: energy-saving, and future generations of sorrow and sorrow of the people; without warning, also make people and future generations are sad.

mentioned team building, I don’t say much. Believe that we can see this article Daniel door is leading a team leader in the master, not what the industry, but the team still has some words want to tell you. Especially in the ticket industry. If you don’t talk about it today, just mention the risk assessment of team building.

here I would like to declare several problems, I said only personal experience, what I say is my personal experience, what I write is done independently, to feel good, like a point, feel too bad Bozhuan directly, in a word, only to understand the risks of the construction team buddies.

said the risk assessment team construction, we first understand some concepts, my title is "those things" risk assessment team building network ticketing website, ticketing website network team is the network team, the core and the general framework of medical network team basically, there are three problems: network team, team construction and team construction, risk assessment.

network team. Everyone sounds very simple, there must be technical core, including artists, procedures, as well as planning and editing, but also have new channel developers. Specific positions include: marketing planning, web page art, procedures, website editing, network promotion (new channel development). This is our common team position, probably in some companies, in some teams, essential, as well as other projects such as the implementation of the project director, and so on, this depends on the specific needs of the project. Team building, a team of its own needs, functional division of labor. Sometimes it may be a person, sometimes a position is more than one person to do. Different industries are different. As the 58 city telephone customer service, customer service phone ganji.com, like Baidu bidding, like 360 customer service, as well as caifutong, Alipay etc.. It may take a lot of people in a specific position to complete it at the same time. For the ticketing website network team, the prototype is what I said above the basic division of labor, but some posts have specific details.

team building. Speaking of team building, I’m not very good at it. I think it’s necessary to talk about the team building in the ticket industry, even though I don’t know much about it. Team members are all kinds of thinking, even if the team members on a certain point to reach a consensus, is short, if all members of thinking to achieve a high degree of unity in a team, but this team is a team of invalid, means eight people or more people doing the same live. The team stresses resource complementarity and eliminates ">."

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