Where is the way out for the B2B website

recently read a lot of B2B, what new words, such as what "accurate advertising", what "pay by effect", in particular, also jumped out of a "pay by phone."". It’s confusing me, why are we forced to do information services like this,


, let’s analyze these nouns:

is the first "accurate advertising", and now it is very hot and very hot. According to an authoritative survey conducted in the United States in 07, more than 50% of Internet advertisements in the world come from non target audiences. That is to say there are more than 50% of Internet advertising is invalid, the advertising people are no people! And the advertising cost compared with the needs of people but a lot! This is definitely the advertisers do not want to see. So, a company like "divide the crowd" can do so well, that is, it solves the demand of advertisers: to bring my information to the people in need.

but in the "precision advertising" popular, most of us do B2B people, but ignore the nature of advertising. The so-called "advertisement", the first is to "wide", next is the "report" that is to say! You must have a user base, you can achieve "wide"; here we can come back to "focus" features, the first is that he has enough enough in this user group, user group he, will it be possible to segment segment again. So as to achieve this level.

unfortunately, most of our B2B website are still bother to users, how do you put this limited user again segmentation? And those industry vertical sites, they are more in the user base by hard work, and they may have this site is a subdivision can be subdivided a "precision media"! I saw a many years of experience in advertising industry before the introduction of the Internet media said: most of the user base is too small, not to consider. You have so few users, so what’s the advertiser going to do with you,


as for what to say, "pay by effect" and "pay by phone" is what I don’t understand. We also can do what we can do with B2B. Let’s look back at the history of some Internet companies: in the Internet world, the most famous ones are Google and Baidu. The first thing they do is to "filter the information you want" to your job, and thus have a huge user base. Later, they found that they could do "screening", so they did "screening rankings", and you could buy the ranking in the "screening results". However, this ranking position is not an appearance, that is, we see the effect of fees paid, but with the "search engine cited rankings" this concept. In other words, this ranking one-time buyout for a year. In addition to look at Google and Baidu, most of our network media, such as NetEase like Sina, is also a "search engine" function, they are still in the "ranking" business, rather than pay.

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