Talk about the experience of promoting Youku 123 website home

as long as you search in Baidu "123 site home", out of the search results, called xxx123 site home site navigation station, even turned over a dozen pages, full floor let you see the dizziness. Indeed, the original choice of tangled over a period of time to do "Youku 123 web site home", but eventually chose to do site navigation, said now do site navigation has no way out, because the site navigation station and the directory is too many, many people had to locate the count. The web site is considered a very long time, and finally provides site navigation service location in the directory, the directory and navigation functions are tied together.


, never do site navigation experience, however, is the way out, began to Baidu search ranking good web site, see the webmaster contact, a buddy, and then a consult, although these are not the webmaster nine out of ten pay attention to you, but there are also individual kind of people will give you some guidance, thanks to those who want to advance the novice webmaster friends here good. In order to better study the site navigation promotion and operation experience, I even use several different QQ to 114 on the official website of the site navigation station exchange operations group all add a times, in the group to a group of friends for a long time in the group knowledge, diving, silently steal from the group Friends of the exchange.

after about a month of time learning and jokes, basically summed up their own set of ideas, officially began operating their own promotion of crazy Youku 123 at home, some experience is just personal failure and success here, I will write out here, I think it may fail, no use would you think it should be easy to succeed, will be useful, but please don’t hit a brick, because perhaps not for me but for others, I am a rookie, just want to put some of their operational experiences experienced out exchanges, respect for others is to respect yourself.

one, group mailing, QQ group promotion. This method for the site navigation station carefully, this person for a month, bought three yuan super mass mailing software and enterprise version of QQ group and group, to Youku 123 web site home web site is 126 and QQ mailboxes are closed, until now has not been liberated, had to use URL or jump to access free domain name, the effect is worse in a complete mess, and for a time had the idea of a new domain name.

two, the time to post. Personally think it good to add soft links, pig XX, Navy net Witkey website spent nearly four thousand yuan of money, often employ a large number of post master each big forum round high traffic, buzz over the hair, some effect, after 2 months, every day there are direct antecedents about 200, but the pay and harvest is not proportional to this method make people unbearable, finally no longer use the promotion methods of the high cost of.

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