Non Meng enterprise station how to spend money in exchange for that poor traffic

recent period of time is a headache, busy every day that busy, although the effect is very small, but non Meng has been firmly convinced that, as long as through their own efforts to adhere to, to carry out, always poke the clouds, see the rainbow. Still struggling to optimize the site, the promotion of chaos groping. Today we talk about and do some business enterprise website, actually very is don’t want to type, but suffer from under these problems, feel find hard to find. I will write a composition when primary school, on the A5 webmaster nets looking for friends, we just these entry-level web site optimization ERS, unite together, mutual exchanges and common growth. The Meng own for the words did not hold very style, but the feeling to write out the heart will be much better, with such a tangled mood, exercise yourself.

webmaster friends to see the title will ask, why is the enterprise how you spend money, you can exchange for the poor flow? Yes, companies are always on investment in money, in the recruitment of qualified individuals, to strengthen their team. Whether small businesses or large enterprises, the basic profit is its. On the way home yesterday after a careful look China Internet gangster Lei boss experience, from his account in the journey to learn a lot of experience, from Internet entrepreneurs turned into a halo of the identity of angel investors, recently heard has returned to the helm of Jinshan, jinshan. I remember most clearly is that he summed up three tips: predict the future, do the right thing, at the right time to go. Meng non person is very appreciate that third – flow. Here’s a quote. "What is the flow of talking about? Said Sun Tzu, a stone at the top of the hill, I go to, go kick, the rest do not do too much, it will roll down. Buffett told a snowball, but also the flow. Key issues to see clearly, where is this potential, how to grasp?. I stood looking at the original time, think a lot of successful entrepreneurs is luck, but I want to say is, they find a stone in the mountains, a kick, stone roll down, if you every day at the foot of the mountain, how did kick."

cited the explanation of Lei Chun’s eldest brother, but also in the plight of non Meng now, some of the big sense of direction, so as to guide us to work for it. Warm tips, I would like to know non Meng personal friends, but Baidu Meng Meng can. The 365 line is the best. This is true, non Meng is to do the hospital network marketing, this line, but also for its efforts. Nearly half a month, the main site snapshot has stayed in July 15th, a long time no more, included and the chain has been waiting in the ranks. For the main site of the service snapshot, it is updated every day, a little small surprise, but included unchanged, ranking unchanged, let a person more depressed.

site snapshot is not updated, but also in several cases:

1, website content similarity is too high,

2, the site was down right

3, the site has a dead link

4, same service >

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