Movie site optimization of domain name, space, program selection

Hello, for the last time to share with you to witness the new ranking, now has seen the effect for me is a task for the protective film in the next station, mainly stable rankings and some keywords ranking promotion. From today will bring you the film website optimization Website optimization, for the person in the film did not do anything, so in many ways is to re learn, so there may be in the process of talking about the movie station optimization in some of the problems encountered, also hope to understand the movie station friend with me, everyone together to discuss. The following is to bring you the space, procedures, domain name choice, I will now do how to optimize for everyone.


said about the movie station domain name choice, because the movie station station to do business not so simple, because the movie station is large traffic sites, the competition is very intense, generally a keyword is tens of thousands of index, so it is very troublesome, so I choose a PR5 domain name, why choose PR5 domain name, because the weight of Links and no new line of hard to change, so to find a PR5 to change Links and enhance the weight of domain name will not announce here, back out to announce.

second, space, for people who do movie stations, do not know how to choose space, because he does not know how much space and access speed the movie station will pay attention to. Here a minute early can buy a virtual space, such as flow and change VPS, then flow after a large rent server, but I bought this is the direct VPS because there may be generated more than 2G film. Come and bear children, set the wolf, so this is my bill, ready to do 2000.

third, film selection procedures, why personal or recommend Marx, too, because Marx is the movie program leader, it is also in the film do the best program, the most important point, it is completely open, so this is a point that the most important. Marx program has the following characteristics: 1, the film resource network is more. 2, the movie supports the eco surface page (why I want to buy PVS, because generating static programs will be very large, if dynamic virtual space can be used, in order to optimize the good, so choose to generate static). 3, support templates randomly modified. 4, key words, settings and so on. There are many things that are excellent, and of course, it is not perfect. For example, the language is ASP, in terms of security concerns and so on.

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