Some thoughts about selling text links

now sell text connection seems to be very popular, the search engine research created this industry, I joined the team, but after entering, found, in fact, do connect or learned.

first talk about what kind of station can sell text links. Sell connection for some small webmaster, from another angle increased part of the income, this is worth celebrating, after all, do not stand easily, make money, of course, to make money. But not all stations are suitable for selling text links. In the following cases, I personally find it inappropriate to sell text links:

1. site time did not reach 1 years.

2. search engines are not climbing every day, included in the following 5000. Included less on behalf of your station content is not enough, or the spider is still in the exploratory stage, so at this time, free to sell text connection, will lead to search engine to your stand affinity plummet.

3.PR value update time is no more than 6 months, for example: I stand PR was 3 a year ago, and if in January this year only reached 3, it should not be free to sell connections.

4.PR2 station is basically no need to sell connection, because the weight relationship, is likely to lead to your station because of the quality of the connection and back 10 years, it is not worth the candle. At least above PR3, you can consider preferential sale.

5. IP less than 1000 of the station, there is no need to sell text connections, but should do is to exchange high-quality goods and even buy a connection. Efforts to improve their standing weight is the most important,

6. update, not timely station also avoid, search engine is not a fool, and so you do the content, spider will give you back. It is not too late to sell at that time.

at the end of the day, if you are a day fishing nets three days of drying station, sell the connection without any meaning, then a few dollars, eyes seems to be earned, but lost the search engine and the weight loss, how much? In fact, the most suitable for connection, should be the so-called dumpster, ha ha.

below tells you how to choose text connections:

The choice of the

connection site is very important, and personally think that for the moment, SF is the most connected, but the quality is also the worst, and some other enterprise website connection can do more. Of course, the best thing is to choose your own site and want to match the site pull! If your station is strong enough, SF do more does not matter, and if your station is still on the stage, it is recommended not to do more SF. As for how to select the number of such a degree to reach the most appropriate, we can refer to my forum My text connection is sold at a total price of 500 yuan / month. Ha-ha。

here’s how to put these text links:

How does

actually put the master?

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