Zhu Hongjian look at the development of navigation of the three major websites from the new year LOG

has always set Hao123’s home page as my first stop on the Internet, but even so, in fact, I haven’t used Hao123 for many years. You want to ask me, then why you still set it as a home page, I may also be able to say that when the Internet is early, Hao123 brought me the habit and dependence of it.


woke up today, as usual on the ZZW to open the browser to grab a few love tennis gold member, but was surprised to find the Hao123 LOGO for a clip of the Spring Festival, I froze for a moment, like impression Hao123 is the first time such a festive and festive flavor. Fine chemicals, thick China flavor what I gave attracted, LOGO on both sides of the Chinese are familiar with and love the most rural Jintongyunv pay New Year’s call like, at the middle of a trapped down "blessing", while the Hao123 domain name address background is the sea Chung constantly in turn, the whole feeling. The overall look or taste some of the traditional rural strong. But careful people may find Hao123’s new year LOGO, which includes not only the new year’s meaning of He Xizhi to netizens, but also the meaning of "deeper". The first said that "in the middle of it, we all know Chinese love character, especially the Chinese new year, the character is upside down, to pray for blessing. Hao123 in addition to the "upside down, with the site of the home" to a circle, then put on the old new year to worship the Jintongyunv like home site and Hao123 on the side, ‘a rolling pattern of sea background. The indications are that the Hao123 to the outside world claims that its state is also very good, in the new year or the navigation industry heavyweights, it has all the popularity to around, everything is equal to anything in its own brew storms on rivers and seas!



spring Hao123 reading, I immediately opened Google’s 265 navigation, because Google has been China are replacing the LOGO most frequent one all the sites, almost every day will do for the degree, let me think as Google’s site navigation should not 265 where the difference. As a result, I opened my eyes and let me down. The top LOGO was the same. Reminds me of some time ago "Google exit door" event, resulting in Google really hurt you? And the indirect impact site to its will to a juebu play level



again look at the third ranked web site navigation 114, it is well known that 114 is the only one after Hao123, 265 navigation after doing the most successful web site. The rise of 114, in addition to the main relations is to rely on ylmf we all understand this, and it’s own efforts are inseparable, especially recently launched the 114 network with vigour and vitality.

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