The confusion of a novice webmaster

I am a novice webmaster, although access to the Internet for a long time, but it was not until early August 2008, Zhengshi began to site. Love is not working now, want to find another way to earn some money.

my new line on August 9th, and landed in the major search engines on the same day, Google included, is included in the number of Yahoo increased slowly in August 13th that Baidu has been included, very difficult to collect the results of August 23rd also included. The website filing also passed on August 20th, and may say everything is going well. May be my site all for the original reason, now I stand the first row of the two Baidu keyword, several keyword row on the first page. But the question is why my independent IP number has only been around 150, and PV is only around 1200. Keyword is not very popular, split the unpopular keywords. Often hear people say casually to build a station traffic on hundreds of thousands of, I stand why so little IP? I will use a variety of ways to promote, like Baidu know answer, Post Bar publicity etc.. I also made a template on the CMS forum for people to download, and my website demonstrates, bringing about a few IP a day.

what I do is the beauty picture station, without any collection, all manual input (although the picture number is still very small), and the pictures are all localized, add watermark. I want to be big and make a brand of my website. So few IP, want to make money is unlikely, so I haven’t put any advertisement code till now. I hope to master zhidianmijin. (

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