PR big update site four months, jumped from 2 to 4

at about 11 last night, is also a webmaster on A5, I believe we all know her, A5 on the few beautiful webmaster, she wrote a lot of articles, is also a celebrity ~ ha ha. Before I told her the text exchange chain, usually do not talk last night, she suddenly QQ asked: "your PR 4 now?" she asked when I felt very surprised, I also smiled and said: "no, or 2, how come so soon 4." She said: "it is my eyes spent? Maybe I am wrong?! ~" I heard her say he is then half believe and half doubt, check, or 2 ah. She chatted with her, I want to exchange advertising, her station on the IP is not much, but whether it is included or PR are very good, Baidu included more than 1000, PR3, but there was no one there, so they expect to make advertising a show for each other, of course I stand is very happy Italy, from the website of the parameters, no matter where I stand than his station, but the station I have fixed flow, there are "repeat".


finished talking, my heart really want to own PR to be 4, a little dream, I opened the webmaster helper, again type my web site, wow! It is really not 4? Or not believe my own eyes, I fear here webmaster helper will go wrong, continuous refresh a few times, or PR 4, do not believe, then check for me looking for my friend, he suddenly jumped a word: "cow! Really cow! PR to 4". I believe that my station turned 4, is really excited, jumped from 2 to 4, friends stood up for more than a year was 3, admire his dying ~ until 12 midnight, I have confirmed their fly station PR is 4, opened this morning. Fly site, at the bottom of the PR icon impressively show PR4, just a few days this busy married website did not spare some time to take care of, did not expect to bring me such a big event, it is a good thing to pick a few months, is not white.

why did my small station leap from 2 to PR4 in 4 months? I can’t make myself clear, but I can talk about my promotion and maintenance experience briefly. Just a simple talk, because I am also a new webmaster, said too fine, not that ability, but really talk about it. Hope to help you new adsense.

1: to keep the site updated daily, about 10-20 updates a day, each post title must be changed.

two: platitude, many original some, pseudo original can also, first sent to your site, and then after the original article with your links, many sent to other weight high web site, such as: A5.

three: keep a few blogs, and keep the blog updated. After blogging for more than 1 months, add your own links to your blog. At the same time, post your blog properly and do some of your links. Do not ask too much, often post links.

four: get into the forums

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