My guest promotion experience

online on the guest article many, for some people, earning thousands or even million yuan is not what a miracle. And I’m just a small part. Although income is mediocre, but it is also a small gain. Now finally has its own site – to Taobao

really started to do guest, she has been more than 8 months time, I was in October of last year, when it is just introduced to know, but did not want to go to the guest. One is that I am a very lazy person, no mind to study new things, two, I feel that even their store promotion out, how to help others promotion? Three, the guest is not much, but too few successful examples. "Dead" these three words, I believe, is that even now a lot of the trouble of amoy.

decided to do guest, last year was around 5-6 months, many people have made a pot of gold, but the main reason I was from a month to earn 2500 posts, this is an astronomical figure for me at that time. Because I was a month’s salary is only more than 1000 points, and the pitch-dark busy every day, does not give the insurance, do not work overtime to overtime. And then the company benefits have been very bad, before nothing on the unit in secret, want to sell point cards, but the card point of profit is minimal. If I want to do if the guest can earn so much money, I am not happy dead? Have a naive idea, good wishes, I embarked on the road of amoy.

it turned out that my choice was right because I lost my job last August. I am glad that I chose to amoy. Always afraid of trouble and introverted me, seems to have found a suitable for their own work". No purchase, delivery, do not deal with difficult buyers, do not need to worry about receipt of bad reviews, and this is Ali’s mother to provide you with a very good platform to make money. Although the development of Amoy would still have such problems, but the platform is very rare, is well worth the effort.

but I believe we are more concerned with, or how to do Amoy, below we share some of their guest experience, I hope you can help.

first, the promotion of a single product, select learned

at the beginning of the Tao do believe that a lot of people is the first choice of single product promotion. I said two main points:

first, choose hot goods. It is not advisable for many people to pursue only high commission goods. Because the Commission is too high commodity, is not necessarily a good commodity, and not hot commodity also often encounter promotion, midway connection failure and other problems, so that he is equal to do useless work. If you sell goods, there is no purchase record, then the promotion of the transaction probability will be greatly reduced. And sales of large goods, commodity connections will be relatively stable, but also to buyers very much

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