Running a website is a habit that determines all. Good rankings depend on good habits

make a web site in the search engine has a good ranking is the one thing the site owners are most concerned about, the first thing the 80% webmaster in every internet connection is to pay attention to their website ranking is stable or improved, can be said to a website to have certain progress in the basis of maintaining stability this is a good sign. From the search engine rankings we can see a lot of problems, create a stable ranking or ranking rising website is not easy to want, a webmaster need to start from many aspects, but in my opinion, habit determines the website promotion, good habits can help enhance the website step by step.

good habits tell us: do stand, do not skimp on infrastructure construction,

The infrastructure construction of

website can be summarized as three parts. 1 is the choice of domain name registrar and domain name brand; 2 is the choice of the host or server of the website; 3 is the choice of the website program. These three parts are the core of the infrastructure of the website, and can not be stingy in doing these three core parts, good habit tells us: "can’t bear the child can not bear wolf.".

1, the domain name registrar and domain name brand

In my opinion

domain name registrar website has a great relationship with the site analysis, further stability, currently a part of 20-30 yuan can be registered COM domain name registrar, do not agree with this part of the business registration, a little to understand some domain name of friends should know that the domain name registrar if any your domain name not your domain name register, then your website in the development to a certain extent, perhaps second days you will become someone else’s domain name domain name. Therefore, I suggest that the domain name registration not on this stingy, best choice of domain name registration business large, domain name registration, such as A5, Gd, 22, 51 million net and so well-known domain name providers, taking these domain names do not because of your bad for your domain name domain name. In the domain of brand choice on the basis of some owners think that Asia, CN, the price is relatively low and the domain name registration to choose this kind of domain name, are not recognized at least 90% domestic users is the COM domain name, domain name or other users in many eyes is a liar website, for ordinary people, where they do not understand the CN, gov, domain, so when we registered the domain name do not mean to, must choose option COM domain name suffix com, which is the basis of trust for users.

2, site host or server selection

The host and server

site selection mainly follow three principles: (1) not cheap, cheap although this word can not guarantee 100% accuracy, but the chance to buy cheap goods is very small at present, and other trading sites to the emergence of a large number of annual rent expense in 20-50 yuan between the host of >

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