Ten ways to improve the PR value of the website

may see this subject, many friends will think that this is too much, should not what to see, in fact, although many owners in the optimization process to improve their website PR, but does not know exactly how the value is pr. Most of the owners agree to exchange Links will enhance the value of the PR argument, but have not seen no Links will enhance the value of the PR? Is the most effective method to improve the PR today we will introduce the construction of the chain of

!Since Google

by PR to determine the extent of a website, almost all of the webmaster to improve their website PR value and hard, and even many of the so-called professional SEO company, dedicated to improve the customer site and the value of PR exist, and their supervisors allow their employees to do things is a daily with other webmasters replacement Links, home number is limited, and with the channel page replace finished home, finished replacing the channel page by page replacement, is thought to have poor thinking, the ultimate purpose is to increase the number of external links with quality, improve every aspect of the site PR, let each page on a web site in the search engine is in a front position, in fact, this exchange has begun to be search engine punishment. The website of our hospital group, a hospital in Beijing, is looking for such a company. Company employees have more than 100 people, every day is to exchange several of their customers friendship links. Using Webmaster Tools query, you can find that all the web site outside the chain source, almost all from the various websites to exchange friendship links. In the early time, is indeed achieved good results, the website channel page, column page, set the content page ranking is in front, but with the constantly updated search engine algorithm, Baidu exchange more and more of Links feel disgusted. Especially to buy the chain of activities, but also try every means to crack down.

we all know, Links almost all the links are not stable, or other PR sites to enhance, not willing to exchange with you, or your website promotion will delete the other website, buy the chain and can not achieve long-term goal, resulting in the net station over a period of time weight yes, but once you stop buying the chain, will cause the punishment of the search engine on the web, I said above Beijing that hospital is not only updated when the PR value is not from the original PR4 up to 5, and Baidu included page from the start of the more than 10 thousand page down to the present more than 4000 pages natural flow, reduced a lot, so, how to improve the stability of the PR value, and security is not cheating? There is a detailed introduction.

usually, SEO companies do not have the time to go to the customer that the soft manufacturing chain, because they do not have too much energy to use in this area, a 100 person company SEO, do Links have more than 50 people, some planning, some 10 executives, a small team of a customer management website a >

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