The foundation of online sales promotion lies in product promotion, awareness and details

in fact sometimes website traffic and conversion rate is not directly proportional to, although everyone in my heart always thought that the popularity of the site is up, the sales will increase, but I still want to say a little bit, through advertising, promotion to bring traffic after all is a product of novelty effect, which can become a website to ensure sales. Want to do your own website, improve website online sales, then you should start from their own website details, create a business scope in the website, to allow customers to truly appreciate the site of professional, humane and delicate, these made the sale of nature be nothing difficult. And I have summed up five aspects according to my own experience. I want to share it with you. I hope you have a reference.

a focus on product promotion, so that products in 15 seconds to attract customers eyes

1 presents the information to the customer’s product for the first time

to do online sales should not be "veiled", this is a fast time, time is money, no one is willing to talk nonsense and you, so in the home must as soon as possible to highlight the product information, but also can not put all the commodity information owners to put out a page, not enough space on the other hand, home goods too much, will increase the website loading speed and page bloated degree, so I suggest in the website home page to do the TOP5 goods, merchandise information as much as possible the commodity price, the sales volume of concise and to the point, and the high praise and reputation, commitment should be exhaustive, for details of the website commodity is by way of adding the chain to another page.

2 product group integrated into a body, clear on the basis of a little human

The main information commodity

has emerged, the next step is how to better integrate the product as a whole, because do online sales, then there will be a lot of goods on display at the same time, this time if there is no product classification clear, very easy to let the customer lost, can not find the products they want, the fix will greatly reduce the user experience of the website.

so here I suggest you website when we want to conduct a detailed integration of products according to the relevant information, or to my website as an example, I usually put our products into paste, paste, hemorrhoids hemorrhoids hemorrhoids medicine and several other columns, reasonable selection of goods for customers according to their own need (because there are a lot of customers do not want to use hemorrhoids paste, they often hope can be treated with oral way) in addition, I also will be a subsidiary of information products classification, and put on the page, increase the depth of customer visit.

also introduced products, we must set the breadcrumb navigation, it can not only expand the product name, according to the detailed introduction and use, but also enhance the user experience degree of goodwill, very convenient.

3, do a good job of divergent contacts, seize any opportunity,


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