Novice webmaster how to quickly build local portal site

is a comprehensive local portal site local life information has regional, site construction to have local, entertainment, professional, interactive, actually is a comprehensive local website, of course need to provide comprehensive local information, such as local news, real estate information, car trading, cultural characteristics, for the novice webmaster how to quickly get started the local portal site, how can the construction of perfect portal.

understand local basic information

in many ways

construction site early need to locate the portal content, community website is a comprehensive information platform for local, site information to do large and comprehensive, but the content can not focus, to understand the core content choice, owners need to understand the local online life, what information is more interested in the local users. To obtain this information, can be voted by members of the local statistical forum members demand for portal content; or data analysis which local radio popular newspapers, which attract more users attention; can also make corresponding questionnaire form, questionnaire survey was conducted online, in in the process of questionnaire survey can be provided to fill in the questionnaire can obtain small gifts, to avoid the trouble caused to fill in the questionnaire that users can not be completed properly.

to long tail keywords optimization,

the major portals competition is quite fierce, for the novice webmaster, certain shortcomings exist in the experience of SEO optimization, site early want through the main keywords "* * area network to obtain rankings, is a very difficult task. Just online operation site home weight is not enough, can consider using the long tail keywords, internal page optimization method of ranking, website optimization is not only by the home page to get traffic, more content page and channel page. For the portal, there will be many channels page, such as tourism, life services, second-hand car trading, recruitment, etc., these two channels, and can bring different aspects of the site traffic. The new station can be the main long tail keywords, the travel channel can be set as "title * * regional tourist routes, tourism Raiders," * * * * "tourism price"; the service life of the channel can be set to "* * where the hotel", "* *, what fun place", "* * what specialty etc.. Through the local regional long tail keywords, reduce the main keywords competition, avoid new sites in the early days without weight lead to less traffic problems.

adhere to content maintenance, improve user experience

webmaster know portal development is tortuous, the site content is difficult to call big and complete, the user viscosity difference, by the enthusiasm of the webmaster who can continue to advance, but due to the bottleneck problem of the development of the site, profitability problems may arise, many owners may have abandoned the operation, for the operation of the site: persistent operation, but also need skills. The initial orientation of the site is to provide users with localized information and use it

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