Talking about the profit model of talent website innovation

says, talent website, now a lot of individual stationmaster all express hard to control, want to let talent website profit, need not only a team, and still need to invest very much money to publicize. Now the talent website in attack classification information network and local community website, has become a difficult situation, from collapse and Zhaopin operating difficulties, are sufficient to show the talent website does not so good business, but this is not that there is no talent website development based on the


of course not, in fact, in the current state of the economy is facing a transition today, the flow of talent and development have more demand, is also the job seekers will continue to increase, and the enterprise will continue to have new needs of employees, so as to enhance the enterprise competition, after all, at the moment the most important thing is the talent in fact, the competition between enterprises is the talent competition, so the talent website still has a huge space for development, this is the most basic environment.

Since the

environment, now want to develop talent website, in the fierce competitive environment, but also requires a certain sense of innovation, both from the business model and profit point of innovation to be a breakthrough, but I think the following is a breakthrough in the two aspects.

1, industry talent website profit model breakthrough

Well done

comprehensive talent website, local talent website is not good to do so, there is a type of personnel website is very good, it is only recently by the importance of the industry talent website, this industry talent website is actually a kind of vertical subdivision pattern, in various industries have industry website, in addition to the application of the Internet has penetrated into various industries, so the creation of industry talent website has become possible, such as the now beauty talent network, talent network and other cars are very popular.

this site personnel hand can bring certain brand for the enterprise, on the other hand can also bring some high-end talent for the enterprise, also can bring the current job seekers in the industry, what type of work what the most scarce, most can lead to higher wages, it has a certain role in navigation in the industry category of job recruitment, so industry talent website can very fast to complete the enterprise and job seekers in occupancy, this process often requires only a simple propaganda can be realized, so it has very high maneuverability.

The introduction of

two and proxy mode

site personnel but also to actually classified information network and web community types as the introduction of the agent system, because the talent website segment size is very large, either from the local or from the industry, can produce tens of thousands of websites for these market segments, segments, as personal webmaster is obviously very difficult to dabble in all, then you can the establishment of personnel recruitment system, establish a proxy mode on this basis, let the other owners to join the agency, let the other to make money at the same time, also can let self.

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